A New Order

Our Story So Far

It has been five years since the dissolution of the Jedi and the end of the Clone Wars. It is a period of relative peace in the galaxy, except for the constant threat of the unknown – the New Order warns the citizens of the galaxy that a new threat it out there, and it could be anyone: your neighbour, your ally, your friend. There is no one you can trust besides the Empire.

An idealistic young Bothan known only as Jables took up a job as a transport pilot for the Excelsior Corporation, a division of the Corporate Sector Authority. While working for ExcelCorp, Jables was given command of a old tramp freighter called the One-Eyed Space Slug, and during his journeys picked up a wandering fringer named Jodo Fandan. Jodo, though inexperienced and a bit of a hick, turned out to be handy at repair and good in a fight, so the Bothan kept him around. Their last job for ExcelCorp was to deliver a valuable cargo of medical supplies to an Imperial base in the Barab system, but they were waylaid by Hutts when they stopped at Nar Shadda to refuel. Slobba the Hutt tried to blackmail the duo into paying him for a debt he claimed their bosses owed him, but they managed to escape with the help of one of the Hutt’s own men – a young, opportunistic Trandoshan name Surussk. The three of them fled the system, and headed on their way.

Through a serious of misadventures and unlikely encounters (including a deadly battle between the three of them in the cockpit of the Slug while space pirates were trying to shoot them down), the crew came into the employ of the Bothan Spy Network. Their first mission was to “lose” their cargo of medical supplies to a band of “pirates,” then explaining to the Imperial Governor Saar how it happened. The Imperial commander was not pleased – the lost supplies setting back his plans by potentially killing thousands of Barabel slaves – but he let the crew go.

The crew’s next mission was to transport a trio of aliens (a wookiee named Rortharr, a small furry cyborg named Machook, and a green-skinned woman named Sarla) to an undisclosed location. Though Sarla’s group attempted to keep the location hidden, the crew managed to steal the coordinates, and they found themselves face to face with a fleet of Trade Federation Battleships hidden deep in the Corporate Sector. They ships had long thought been destroyed at the end of the Clone Wars, but these vessles appeared not only intact but active, as the warships launched squadrons of attack drones. The Bantha Breath (renamed to protect the crew from their many enemies) made a quick, poorly-calculated jump into hyperspace, only to wind up in an uncharted system with a blown hyperdrive. As they tried to set down on a planet to make repairs, a strange orbital defence system activated and shorted out all of the ship’s systems, forcing them to make a crash landing in the dense forest below.

After barely surviving the crash, the crew and Sarla’s group had to fight to survive in the hostile ecosystem, where numerous predators attempted to make a meal out of them. They encountered the locals, a once advanced but now fallen and primitive race who treats them with detached reservation. They also encountered a failed Jedi Healer named Jela Nilim, a twi’lek outcast who had been hiding from the New Order’s purge. He led the crew to a hangar hidden in the mountains where they would be able repair their ship. They also discovered that an Imperial vessel has crashed on the planet as well – though Sarla insisted they go to the Imperials for help, Jela was understandably apprehensive.

The crew managed to rebuild the Bantha, and also laid claim to a custom-built fighter they found in the hangar, though Rortharr was lost and presumed killed in an attack by one of the planet’s many indigenous predators. Sarla, distraught by the loss of her companion, set out on her own to find him, only to lead the Imperials back to the secret hangar (whether on purpose or by accident was never confirmed).

The imperials, led by a Dark Jedi named Ka Roth, killed Jela while the rest of the crew blasted their way off the planet.

Never Go Home Again
Space Slug

Uploaded the stats for the Never Go Home Again / One-Eyed Space Slug / Bantha breath.


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